Our Mission:

To create prosperous office ecosystems that embody the business of working in harmony with nature, and inspire people to live healthier and more productive lives.

Our Vision:

We want to work in a world where businesses are healthy and inspirational places for people to grow, create and achieve. 

An expansive and compelling body of peer reviewed research proves that the presence of natural systems (specifically forests) allow people to be more productive and maintain healthier relationships. Outdoor Office provides this environment for professional teams by creating ecosystems that eliminate the traditional hurdles to working outdoors, while maintaining the healthiest and most inspirational elements of nature.

Founding Team:

Eric Peterson

President & Engineering Team

Eric T Peterson, P.E. is a product architect, professional engineer and sustainable living evangelist working at the intersection of restorative forestry, resource conservation and innovative finance instruments. Eric holds a BSME from Michigan Technological University and an MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University. He lives with his family between Seattle and Port Townsend.

Janie Bube

Architecture & Design Team

Janie Bube is passionate about creating innovative, beautiful, healthy and therapeutic living and working spaces. Her work experience encompasses program development and community outreach, cooking and nutrition education, and environmental design. Jane holds her BA in Environmental Studies and Urban Sustainability from Seattle University. She is currently pursuing her MA in Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia. 

 Lauren Lark

Customer Development Team

Lauren Lark is a marketing professional, and a community builder who is passionate about making workplaces healthier and happier for the people who work in them. She has experience leading marketing teams, and building communities for technology-based startups. Lauren holds a BA in Economics and Environmental Policy from William Smith College and an MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University.

Zac Catozzi

Customer Development Team

Zac Catozzi is a general contractor and real estate broker with a passion for perpetuating the sustainability of our built environment. Zac holds his BA in Real Estate and Finance from Indiana University.